Save our Green Lanes Campaign Group

Revised plans for the A105 were unveiled at an exhibition on May 19th, in Palmers Green Library.

Here is a link to the drawings on the Cycle Enfield website 

Members of the Save Our Green Lanes team have been through the drawings, to assess what changes have been made as a result of the consultation, Click on the image below to view the guide.




Did you make it to Cycle Enfield Exhibition of designs for the A105 (Green Lanes) Cycle Corridor, which was held at The Fox in Palmers Green in July?

No? Well despite Enfield Council being aware that there is a great deal of consternation surrounding the Green Lanes proposals, the designs are NOT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY THROUGHOUT THE CONSULTATION PERIOD.

See the designs in the park

If you go to either the Broomfield Park Festival or the Enfield Town Autumn Show they will be display.

View online

The only way you can see the designs is on the Cycle Enfield website:

Full set of drawings for A105 scheme, 25.7 MB (PDF document)

When viewing the drawings and the ‘key points for each drawing’ please be aware that there are a large number of omissions

  • You won’t for example find Winchmore Hill Broadway


  • Nor will you be told that it is proposed to remove all the on-street parking on the west side of Winchmore Hill Broadway between Compton Road and Winchmore Hill Broadway. Instead you are told that:

”Retail parking and loading provided in the vicinity of Compton Road on the A105 with buffer strip to protect cyclists, as well as parking on Compton Road itself”

  • Nor will you be asked to comment on the removal of all the on-street parking along the high street in Palmers Green between Hazelwood Lane and Lodge Drive – that’s because they have ‘forgotten’ to include this section of Green Lanes in the consultation questionnaire.


  • A number of bus stops are ‘missing’, including this important bus stop near the Intimate Theatre.


The ‘unofficial’ guide to the Green Lanes proposals

If like many local residents you struggle to make sense of the drawings, have a look at this ‘unofficial’ guide to the proposals, produced by SAVE OUR GREEN LANES


Click on the image above to view the guide

We apologise if we have made any mistakes in compiling this guide – it wasn’t easy, even for a qualified traffic engineer!