Save our Green Lanes Campaign Group

The A105 (Green Lanes) consultation runs until October 9th 2015.

Save Our Green Lanes is calling for the consultation to be halted, until people can be given full and unbiased information about the consultation.

EVERY home and business owner along the route MUST be given an individual letter, explaining exactly what is proposed outside their premises.

This is what happens when there are proposals for new controlled parking schemes (CPZ) so why isn’t it being done now?

Whilst we believe that the consultation is flawed, we would still like people to take the time to complete the questionnaire.


Completing online

The consultation questionnaire can be found on the Cycle Enfield website, under Have Your Say


Before you start, watch the video – if you turn on the subtitles – you can read gobbledegook – did nobody at Cycle Enfield check the video before it went live?


The Video will tell you that the segregated cycle lanes will make our high streets

“more accessible, pleasant places to visit”

“There will be FULL public consultation before anything is implemented”


Click to see the Cycle Enfield Consultation

However, here is how one local residents has described filling in the questionnaire.

“I have twice visited the council’s web site to register my disapproval for the ridiculous (and undemocratic) Green Lanes cycle scheme. I am a busy person (like most adults who can be bothered to take the time to object), and I wanted to find a simple page where I literally had to spend 2 minutes to give my name, home address, and email, and hoped to find a simple “tick a relevant box why you object” and “add comments”.

The first time I visited the council site I gave up, as it seemed to require completing a whole load of questions – I assumed I had the wrong page. It was very off-putting, and I certainly didn’t have time to tackle it. I tried again a few weeks later, and ended up on the same page. Frustrated, and irritated, I went to Google and searched there to find what I assumed had to exist, a simpler “objections” page. I still believed I had the wrong page. But no, I had the correct page. It is abundantly evident that the council is making objecting as difficult as possible. It is astonishing that the democratically elected council can – almost unilaterally (Soviet / Chinese style) – steam-roll through a project as expensive and controversial as this without allowing those that elected them an easy say in the matter. Well, I hope this loses them the next election. It’s implementation is outrageously deceitful, misleading, disingenuous, and perhaps something that requires more emphasis – will cost a vast amount of taxpayer’s money to pander to a tiny minority of the electorate”.

The ‘unofficial’ way to Have Your Say

If you feel unable to fill in the detailed questionnaire, but still wish to register your comments regarding the proposals, pick up a postcard from local shops, churches, clinics along Green Lanes, or from the SOGL stalls in the parks.


We think that Cllr Daniel Anderson, Cabinet Member should have the opportunity to hear from people who struggle to complete the online questionnaire.